Central Sussex Beekeepers Association

A Division of West Sussex BKA

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About the Central Sussex BKA

What we do

Training Apiary Meetings

We hold weekly Saturday morning meetings from April – November. For new members we train them to handle bees and help them build their confidence so they can have their own bees. For more experienced members we arrange timely topics including disease recognition, comb changing, swarm control and we also run a queen rearing programme.

Shows / Events

Honey harvesting weekends are our speciality but we also visit general local shows to reach out to the public. Some of our members attend talks to local clubs etc. Our members also help out with other groups that arrange events.eg The South of England Show.


Winter Meetings

We hold talks / Demonstrations during the winter on beekeeping and other related subjects, these are a blend of informative and social meetings.

Winter Meetings

Swarm collection

Our members can go on the BBKA swarm collection register providing a very useful service to the general public.



We are affiliated to the BBKA and West Sussex BKA and support their respective events. All our registered members are covered by the BBKA’s insurance and have access to their member’s benefits.