Central Sussex Beekeepers Association

A Division of West Sussex BKA

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Beekeeping Associations (local)

Below is a list of our neighbouring associations. We have not attempted to list all of the nation's beekeeping associations. For a complete up-to-date list, maintained by the BBKA, you can look here.

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1   Link   Surrey Beekeepers' Association
Our membership of the BBKA used to be maintained by being a division of Surrey BKA, for which we are very grateful.
2   Link   Reigate Beekeepers' Association
Reigate Beekeepers' Association is a division of Surrey BKA.
3   Link   West Sussex Beekeepers' Association
West Sussex Beekeepers' Association now covers all areas of West Sussex, now that we have rejoined this Association.
4   Link   Sussex Beekeepers' Association
Sussex BKA covers the whole of the East Sussex area.
5   Link   East Grinstead BKA
East Grinstead Beekeepers' Association are a division of Sussex BKA

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