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Richard's apiary

Visit to Richard’s Apiary

Saturday September 29th meeting was at our member Richard’s yard: it was a lovely dry sunny morning, a bit cool, members started to arrive and it was clear some parking management was needed as he was expecting half a dozen members. Wrong! I didn’t count how many came but a good number didn’t want to miss this great opportunity. A few at a time had a look at his extracting set up, the rest came to the storage barn to play with the wax, Richard donated a huge heavy block of lovely clean wax, I’m afraid I ruined it by attacking it with a hammer, we cleaned some of Elaine’s capping’s and used the large block of wax to mould some figures for the show. We then had refreshments on a large lawn in front of the house in the warm sunshine.

When the extracting tours had finished Richard asked if anyone wanted to see some of his bees. Yes, please! A group started trekking through the woods. I tidied up in the barn, filled my car up with the wax kit and caught up with the group. We kept walking and thought we can’t see any hives, yet, until we came to a lovely, sun-drenched, sheltered clearing in the woods.

Richard told us about his bees and a few stories later, he said: “Do you want to see some more?” Yes, please, and we strolled off through the woods again to another field to see a large row of hives. Some had come back from the New Forest Heather. What a great way to spend a Saturday morning. He had a reminder that his dinner was due, so we thanked him, some purchased some honey. Thank you, Richard, for inviting us.

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